'Gail's vivid and highly appealing work effortlessly transports one to different times and places, while her instinctive use of colour and texture is both beautiful and compelling. All of her pieces speak eloquently of life's joys and sorrows and as such deserve to be experienced by the widest audience.'

Andy Priestner, 'Head Librarian', Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

'I have had a high regard for Gail's work for a number of years, having been fortunate enough to obtain one of her earlier works: Morning Light. It is a magnificent piece, vibrant in colour and rich in texture, and it rightfully holds the point of focus in the reception room in which it has been placed.'

Tony Plummer Director, Helmsman Economics Ltd.

"Gail de Cordova exhibited with us as part of a mixed summer show. Vibrant and exciting, with depth of feeling and very organic, her work appealed to many and sold well. We will certainly be inviting Gail back again in the future."

Lindi Wood, Fulbrook House Gallery, Gt Eversden, Cambridge CB23 1HN

'Your pictures look absolutely fabulous in the flat; its wonderful to have them on the wall. I always love loosing myself in the magic of them; I love the idea of freedom and the butterfly flying out the open window in the big painting. I think I'm also drawn to the red that is apparent in both pictures.'

Karl Anderson owner of two paintings

"Your 'Waterford' painting brings me pleasure every day."

Anne - owner of large painting.

'Despite all my familiarity with your work I still wonder at what you achieve.
Guess which one is up there for me at the moment - the moonlit group. The light Gail, the light. How absolutely accurate, reminding us too of how small the moon is and yet how the earth responds to it and how objects reflect the flooding radiance of a heavenly body thousands and thousands of miles away. Miracle of nature and perception.
What more can I say Gail except keep on going - the road is rising for you and the way is clear.

Janet Hujon (poet)

I finally had a moment to explore your still lives. The objects and space around them are transformed hovering between worlds - incredibly inspirational!

Lynne 'O'Dowd (artist)

"Gail's paintings leap directly from and to the unconscious. The depth of colour echoes the deepest stirrings of our souls, calling up childhood memories, dreams and those epiphanic moments when one is utterly in tune with the world. One sees more deeply under the skin of the landscape to its essence, its quintessence, and one can overlay one's own images and memories on to the canvas, making the paintings at once universal and deeply personal."

Hilary Painter - owner of two paintings.